Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Assalamualaikum to all and ahlan ya Ramadhona..

In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful I begin the title of the day. It was Sunday ( 31st August 2008 ) the day of independent.. me, my mom and my sister we’re kinda bored in the morning of merdeka, yesterday.. fireworks did blast the sky with sorts of colours and sound, alhamdulillah merdeka does mean something to me.. and does really mean a lot to my ancestors. I do wonder why “Merdeka” this year is not as happening as before.

Maybe people nowadays do not appreciate the independent day anymore, or are to busy with their personal matters until they took for grated of this important day or maybe people are too focused about the elections elsewhere??

well, its just an opinion of mine..for me as what is important is ourselves FIRST..as my dad told me before “manusia kalau sembahyang 5 waktu pon xmampu, kenape terburu-buru buat yg sunat?”, in the Holy Quran did mention to do whats first,FIRST!! Do not be to obsess with BN or PAS or PKR..,it maybe would ruin the relationships between a muslim with another..Allah mentioned to build Islam up, not build 50 000 muslims and say “Boooo!!” to another 50 000 muslims, as all we say by our lips or hearts is written to be answered Hereafter.Amin and subhanallah..as there was a islamic leader had once said before “orang xnmpak kesenangan yg diberi tetapi hanya tahu meminta dan meminta, dan akhirnya mereka juga yg rugi..itulah manusia, itulah melayu..”

Having the day of today, we planned to go to One Utama because my sister had to go for her facial appointment. After her one hour facial, we went for a treat at Baskin Robbins, and bought the “Pint” size that weighted 350 grams and choose to flavors that is the Jamoca@Almond Fudge and the Cotton Candy ice cream J. As people say, best moments are with the love ones..hehe, hope that the “love one” will like these pictures.

-those busy fellas~~ :) -

-tak suka "Q"-hehe..

-sedikit jerawat tidak bermakna xleh mkn mknn berlemak..wpon sebenarnya xleh..hehe-

-hehe..alhamdulillah..sedap.... :)~ thanks mam for the treat!!~

-sedap~~ tp sebenarnya New Zealand Ice-cream lagik sedap..hehe..kn mak?? :)

Ahlan ya Ramadhan and to all muslims, do focus on your ibadah as this month is the month of purity and be istiqamah with everything that is done or to be changed. To fellow friends in Melaka especially Multimedia University, we are here to judge and share, judge to change and improve..

And to fellow friends in the gracious land of Mesir especially those in Al-Azhar, hoping that I will become like all of you and do teach me more as I am nobody….


syukran lillahi..