Monday, May 11, 2009

happiness :)

life is hard..mcm2 kene lalui,kekadang ade companion..kekadang xde..nak face sendiri tu agak kene gak..msti! jadi..apa yg berada disekeliling dan yg dtg kepada kita adalah dugaan..u can love everyone mucho mucho..but,remember..take a pen..draw a line coz God is supposed to be 95% in your heart~

how can a person be alone to face this world yg kijam..but its meant to be like not salahkn takdir..coz u are the person that lead yourself either to the path that brings u happiness or to the path that brings you failure in life..

u can always guide your love ones,best and those that means a lot in your life..but they themselves have to guide their own life too..yes,people say "nobody's perfect"..itu hanya alasan~ coz..if you're not perfect...than try to be perfect..improve,improve and improve..

love me..and i'll love u back..

picture ini diedit oleh kilah n "sha lew lew"... the end!