Friday, December 19, 2008


its 1.42pm..after sending nedita to the bus station..fuh..kay yg bawak kreta (^^)..nway, today is a day that make me felt bored..nedita is not around which makes me more bored..i just don't know what hap pends if she is no longer in MMu..not saying that i depend much on her,its just that she's my sister here..that makes me feel that i have someone in this state..

maybe when she goes,im going to roll my eyes with tears..fuhh..just one more semester with her..hoping to God to make my heart strong enough to let her go..even though sometimes she cracks my head with her loud laughter and her thousand secrets in her heart that i am not able to say that "i know it"..

1.58pm..i had "YM" lots of "friends"..but they did not reply my message with make me realize that i am again alone here..standing alone..where is everyoneeeeee..

several minutes pasted by..with the "Burdah" i am currently listening by " Mesut Kurtis"..makes the environment of my room calm..but then sorrow..hmm..
anyway..congratulations to abg edry and kak kam's marriage, to mawi n ekin :P , to my friend, suhaila and abg idris, and not forgotton, kak isha and abg aizat... "selamat pengantin baru" :D

again..its hard when you want to say something but you can't..but you really want to say it loud..hmm..its hard dear God..