Monday, April 27, 2009


oh my God..pemeliku bergembira (terutamanya mak,ajis n kimos n juge zoli)
huh..sedangkn sy menderita kat cini ngan FYP..waaaaaa...i am sooo gonna go there ok...waaaAaA makkkk *_*
jeles amat nih...they gave me a bunch of pictures that bg sy terngaga ok..mak abah..if your reading this...jgn lupe buy us super cool presents tau..ngee (^_^) coz botak (nick name for my only sis,she isn't actually botak..its just "a name"hehe),you should know that we three (yg tertinggal di sini) bernama sy,botak n hazim sgtla menderita..i shall explain more..

1. me: having trouble with my FYP n chapter 4 of my FYp which is about statistics..napelah ade stat's when abah is not around *_* and i really have to go shopping coz first of all,mom u are not here so basically i don't shop..except for bawang la..n other matters that i'll text you..ngee :)

2. botak: having trouble coz she herself didn't shop. tooOo.fuhh..2 months without shopping is called mati kebosanan in "girls world" ..and she's living with long (our mak long,my mom's only sister that is super nice!!) and long brings here out everytime its "makan time".. that means makan luar for 3 times a day..botak says maybe she will turn botak for real due to the amount of ajinomoto in the food..and mom,she's grumbeling about how hot KL is and she dosen't know how hot melaka is..terbakar kat cini..people tido atas simen..
and she wants fast food exp mcD but Long dosen't take fast food since she's 63 years oldddddd.....old people xmkn la fast food botak..sila la wat muka hepi masa long gah mkn nasik tuh..hehehe

padan muka :P
kn da kata..ade akak baru best.. skrg tau kn benefit ade kakak yg super cool..ehehhe..pasan (-.-)

3. hazim..: he's ok..aritu demam..cian de duk asrama sorg2..hmmm

conclution is...kitaorg mahu pegi NZ now..leh x mak?...end of the year lama sgt :( rindu daa... :(

p/s: zoli (zairi) since when zoli jadik putih lak..n since when rambot cm2 lak..n since when takot kuda..pki baggy jeans baru yg beli ngan akak tuh ehhhhh..wink wink* miss u dik! td nak beli setem tp pos opis huru,sok la eh..and one more thing..nape muka cm sama ngan akak.. *_* (adek bradik la..)