Wednesday, December 3, 2008

can'T waiT

assalamualaikum warohmatullah,

there is actually nothing to do in the middle of the night,when nedi at home is "chit chating" with her awesome Mr Denz..they could chat for hours i could tell..huh, and even though tomorrow nedi's clas is at 8am, and had to wake up for her subuh prayer but she still slept at 2am or 3am maybe.. that time i was already terkangkang on the katil tentera which was as hard as the floor..haha..have to bare a bit!

anyhow, i manage to be on track of my FYP (Final Year Project)..that was the first topic ever proposed in Malaysia, im going to do my masters with it man..hehe, i could not reveal the topic coz it then there are those that will try to copy (my supervisor said so), and then i could not be the first in malaysia, tau jadik first,hope that everything would be as smooth as the dark blue sky now...
back to friendship, even though nedi is a year older than me but it seems as if we are the same age (xsesuai nak panggil awk kak nedi..haha)..alhamdulillah.. :)

~after tarawikh if im not mistaken~

tips are actually:

1. trust
2. sincere
3. say what u feel like saying..she likes to "perli" me..hehe
4. scan when ever necessary :P

5. almost the same background

6. nedi laughs louder..haha

7. xtau la..nedi sambung..

haa...was actually thinking about my raya..can't wait!! im going back this Friday,at 2pm.. can't wait to anyam the ketupat..then go to the laundry to collect the "samping's (mcm ni ke eja?)..then masak2..lots of fun!! i hope i will not forget about FYP..hope so :P anyway..selamat hari raye aidul adha..maaf zahir n batin..dari hujung langsir sampai dapur..hehe..

p/s: cik nedi da tny nape xtido xtido xpe lak..mata de da cm panda bear da..xpe2..panda bear pon..denz tetap suka..hahahaha
perhatian nedi..sila tido okeyyy..tido ngna senyuman cm selalu diatas tikar mengkuang n bantal busuk atas muka sampai mata merah..duk kene bakteria..haha

sElaMaT beRgeMbiRa waLaU diManA jUa AndA bEraDa..TeRuTamaNya Bg SeMua Yg TErsayAnG :D XOXO