Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i did not know why i wanted to post a new entry today because i felt that "dearest" will be the last entry until finals due..but just wanted to say goodbye just for 2 weeks until 10th january 2008...now,eating cornflakes while my buddy,nedita is chatting with denz (the guy that was kicked out of my blog list..because of..hmm,i'll put him back in the list,anything for kak nedi..hehe)..nedita was studdiying since dawn,i think..hehe

honestly,i woke up because i heard sounds from Donuld Duck..i tought i was at home for real without using any transportation back to KL,because normally every morning..sounds from the voices of cartoons will wake me up at sometimes at home..i was wonderring before i opened my eyes and hoping that this is not a dream..

when i opened my eyes..i said "hodohnya umah ni.."hehehe..it means that i am not at home, but..the giggles from Dounld Duck was there..i unlocked my door and saw nedita..hmm..(ade phm?)..comel tul de wat cara gelak yg baru..(^^)

tetibe nedita masok lak bilik ni..tny psal YM guna email,apela IT department berbaju pink nih..bkn de lagik terer ke..wink wink (^^)..yesterday i was dating with cik nedita after attending a talk at the mosque,they gave a karipap and a cup of tea after the talk..we took two karipap and a cup of tea and ran infornt of the library and ate together (neyo -together..)..then we came back to the mosque and saw that there were some more karipap left..and took another two..that meens that we took 4 karipap each..than a friend our said "amik..kalau da abis 1 leh amik lagik 1..mkn2..".. then we said that we wanted to go and eat the karipap at this one spot infront of the library..actually we laughted because we took four and the limit was two and terasa because of the so called "perli".,...it does not matter anyway (^^)

i am currently using nedita's phone because my hp was broked,there was a funny incident at the mosque when a message came and i forgot to silent my mode,and the phone was ringging like hell and everyone looked at me..hehe :P after that.. "snap" i took a picture excidently again..and the sound was "snappppppppppppppppppppppp"...hahahaha...a picture of the carpet in the mosque,nedita laughted and said "wat malu je.." hehe..everyone then recognized me..sorry,i was so gelabah with this handphone, but again alhamdulillah syukran lillah.thanks to nedita for the phone (^^)

i had just submitted my FYP (Final year project) yesterday,so today i could start to study for my exams..thanks again for FYP that bothered my life!!!!..shuh..shuh..pegi jauh2 dlm kotak..

to all..goodluck in your exams..moga najjah (^^)..dpt mumtaz ke,jaid ke..hehe,bgus gak :D

to denz..do take care of nedita,be the best you can..coz i know who you are,hehehehee...and hoping that insyaAllah..my buddy will be happy with you..syukran for giving her smiles..(^^)

14 more days and i am 22 years (14th january 1987)..waaa..masih muda..byk gi nak explore..especially untuk berjuang for islam..kalau ade perang (nauzubillah..)..i would like to go for the jihad..islam is in my vains and in every breath of mine..alhamdulillah..


Tremendous rain falls do blast from the silky sky
While blistering sunshine beat me up each pleasant day
again to you..
Hmmm...let it go..
as i am to stand on dusty roads
to dearest, my imam..
as i seek the knowledge form hidden books in brains
of those selected stars
to teach and explain..

To dearest..
shall thy meet on a path
upon fresh green crispy grasses
with sparkling pebbles of nature
hangging on each and every end..
using those heels of your dreams..
below the fluffy cotton candy,highly blue i see..
and holding hands..
till every breath i hear to eternity..
again to Allah we bow..

my dearest imam..
to be your guest?

karya ikhlas dari hak cipta : hati.. (^^)