Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i made a day..

it will be such a nice day if i could run on the beaches..the soft and crispy sand would just melt beyond my fair skin that i thanked God for. with the bright sunlight a step from my head, with the wind that just wipes away all the fears..it would be so perfect. not thinking about the tan that the sun would cause.

life,such a headache.

mistakes,changes that we had never even realized. one should just shout loud to my face if there are mistakes that occur.im the type of person that listens to everything. a friend of mine once told me that i was like the ocean..i hear everything and i know how to handle it by not going with the but rather thinking of steps to be done ..like the ocean,i swallow everything and dust out the bubbles that are not in the guidelines written in the holy Quran.

well enough problems for now. i have a new story,on what i did today.

i practically wasted 2 hours in a car. hahahah. the story begins when i had just finished my class which started at 4pm and ended at 4.15 pm,i came at 4.05pm which i had only sat for 10 minutes before the class was dismissed.hahaha. after class..on my way back,my housemate text me and she said that our new housemate invited us to go to maydin..so we agreed. and planned that after going to mydin to by some groceries, then we're going to the bazar ramadhan to buy some FOOD!!!!!!

they first said that the bazar was at I-Relax which was nearby our campus, but then they said that they wanted to bring us around malacca and have a look at the bazar ramadhan at P.Puteri which was a thosand mile far away...me and my housemates just looked at each other and puffed...

when we reached the beach where the bazar was situated. i saw an old couple selling "nasik berlauk"..they were around the age of 65. when me and my housemates bought rice from her/them and she said to us softly that she had a child...

nape tah mls nak cite dah..tetibe ngantok.hahahahhahhhahaa...

she said that she had a child about our age, same like us..her child went to futher her studies in university and had married a guy. it was their only child..and she kind of missed her..

the thing is, i was thinking...

"why on earth are they selling food in the middle of the road under the hot sun when they should had been resting at home peacefully??"

i dont know there real story behind those curtains but i do believe that they should be resting at a certain age and not selling something in the middle of the road hoping that people could buy and they could use the money to go on with life..(sedih x?sedih gilaaaaaaaa tau)

Oh God,i don't want to see those eyes of tears again as i am not strong to say a word..
may ramadhan bring them happiness...
may Allah give them protection and love to lay on..
they need love..that is what they really need!!

the long ride gave us a lesson..which actually was a reminder from the All Mighty. thank GOd.

-the "lampu raya" at my apartment-

ade cina tu ckp "wahhhhhhhh..so beautiful!" pastu lari bawah meja bajet org xnmpk dia..hahaha